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Programs and Courses

JAS Course Listing and Schedule

To view a list of all the courses that JAS offers please download: Course Offerings 15 16.pdf

To download an SJASD common course handbook to read a description of available courses: Jameswood Common Course.pdf (it is a large document so please be patient as it downloads).

To view the program schedule please visit this page.

Our program (formerly Second Start) is available to students who are working towards their high school diploma and between the ages of 16 and 21. A maximum of 80 students will be accepted. Four teachers and one educational assistant support the students within this program. Students are expected to attend on a full time basis. However, student schedules can be adjusted to meet individual needs due to work obligations or family commitments.

Students work on courses in a self directed manner based on a schedule that works for them.  Implementing a non-traditional schedule could mean that some students may finish a course earlier than a traditional semester and some students may take a little longer. One main point for students to recognize is that they would always have hope of achieving credits towards graduation no matter their current progress.  Once a student completes the required work in a course they will be awarded credit whether it takes 12 weeks or 20 weeks. Students who achieve credit at a more rapid rate could have several options available to them including: more time to work on other courses, recovering past credits, or enrolling in a new course.

High School Apprenticeship Option

All students at JAS are encouraged to enrol in the High School Apprenticeship Option (earn credits while getting paid!!).

The HSAO program provides practical, paid, work experience and the opportunity to:

  • get hands-on experience using highly specialized, technological equipment
  • earn up to 8 supplemental academic credits for graduation based on 110 working hours per credit (*up to 6 credits for Mature Diploma students)
  • get paid a wage that's more than minimum average
  • apply your on-the-job training hours to continued, full-time apprenticeship training after graduation
  • use the skills you learn for a career in management or to start your own business
        For more information visit: http://www.gov.mb.ca/tce/apprent/apprentice/apprenticeship_hs.html


Comprehensive Growth Portfolio

All JAS students will develop a comprehensive portfolio for graduation and employment. The comprehensive portfolio will represent a collection of students' best work or best efforts, student-selected samples of work and or social experiences related to JAS goal, values, and essential learning outcomes:
Student portfolios are created: to show growth, to showcase current abilities, and to evaluate cumulative achievement. Information about the portfolio development process is included in the on-going progress reports as well as from the students’ advisor.
The portfolio will showcase the students' abilities in essential learning outcomes that are shared across all curricula. Essential learning outcomes are broad-based descriptions of the enduring purpose of educating the whole person. They support provincial curricula and give deep purpose to instruction and assessment in our learning environment.

Reporting Student Progress

Student progress is reviewed by teachers on a daily basis at JAS.

At the beginning of each course each student is given a performance indicator guide (course outline) that shows what is expected from the student to complete the course. To ensure individual student's needs are being met an education plan is developed and updated as needed.
Formal progress reports are completed eight times per year.

Education Plan

All students create an education plan with guidance from teachers and administration. The plan indicates which courses are needed to achieve the courses required for graduation. These plans are reviewed and adapted throughout the school year. For more information regarding specific education plans please contact JAS.

Reporting process throughout the school year

Students meet with their teacher AND the administrator to officially review progress in all courses and to review the education plans a minimum of five times per year.

Progress Reports are written every three weeks.

Step 1:
Students self assess their progress with their teachers' assistance prior to a meeting with the JAS administrator. Students and teachers review students progress in each course (i. e. modules completed, modules that need to be completed, and attendance rates)
Step 2:
Students meet with the JAS administrator to review progress in each course as per the meeting in step 1. The student, with the help of the JAS administrator, reviews the student's individual plan to determine short term and long term goals.
Step 3:
A printed copy of the progress report is given to the student and one is placed in the student's file.
Step 4:
If the student is under the age of 18 the progress report will be emailed to the parent/guardian. If this is not possible a hardcopy will be sent home with the student to be signed by a parent/guardian. The progress report should then be returned to JAS.

If you would like more information regarding your son/daughter's progress please contact individual teachers at your convenience.

Minimum Credit Expectation

All students are expected to earn a minimum of one credit each quarter of the school year.
Students who enroll in September and continue in June should strive to earn at least six credits per year.