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Here are some of the positive comments we have had from students and family members of past and current JAS students:

My Grandson was accepted into Jameswood Alternative School in February of this year.  Since he started at Jameswood School I have seen a very different individual. He has become happier, and has developed into a more mature person. It allowed him to go back to high school again, and made him realize that the intelligence that he thought he didn't have was just lost for a couple of years as the result of being a very young dad trying to support his own family with no education! The self -esteem that Mr. Tarrant and his teachers have given him is something that I   know  he, and our family will never forget! - June 2012

I first got kicked out of my home high school just a couple months after I started in 2009. I came to Jameswood a little while later and didn't like it one bit. I was late every day and never wanted to come - there was nothing l hated more and thought was useless than school. I would have rather been staying up late drinking and sleeping in. As it was I was only coming during the afternoon and couldn’t even make it on time.  For so long I had thought this school was a horrible place to be but I thought it was at least a little better than a “normal” school.  When I came I would just sit and stare into space, in two years I only got four credits! I was way behind people my age and now it’s pretty pathetic thinking about that now.  This year I opened my eyes and looked at the influences in my life and for once made proper goals for myself and already earned 8 credits. I've been coming full days, sometimes I'm still late, but the staff at JAS are patient and understanding about it. I think Jameswood gives students the most freedom of expression in St. James and I'd say one of the top “alternative” schools in the city.  I see people abusing the  privileges and the  system at Jameswood and don 't realize how much the  teachers here  are  willing  to help you  to get  your credit or  credits and how fortunate we all are  who come here to have a  school like this. It's a friendly environment and the kids are always welcoming to all types of people unlike other schools that are very drama filled with secluded groups. - Alanna Pedersen (2011-12)

2007-2008 Student

I believe I'm being successful at this school because it's given me the opportunity to deal with personal problems and still stay on track to graduate.

2007-2008 Student

Because it's not like a regular high school, you can work at your own pace instead of an average pace of the whole class

June 08 Grad

I was successful because it was easy to get the help I needed there are never many other students in the class with me. When I'm in the classroom there is nothing really to get your attention to something else besides getting your work done.

2007-2008 Student

I feel I am being successful because there is more one on one learning and I can focus better when there are less kids in the classroom.

2007-2008 Student

Because I can work as fast as I want to and I can change subjects as I want to and not when I am told to do.

Thanks to you and your staff, I believe that for the first time in all of my child's school years, he has been made to feel like he counts in this world and that he can do well if he applies himself.  And as his parents we have seen a very positive change in him.  So, whatever you and your staff are doing, please keep up the good work as your efforts are truly appreciated!

2009-10 Subsitute Teacher

I just wanted to thank you for asking for me to sub for you this morning, it was a very good morning.  Your students are fabulous!  They were on task, polite, and interesting all morning - a nice bunch of people.  Jameswood is a wonderful school!